Freedom: An Analytical Perspective

by SteveHulse May 4, 2017

Some time ago an acquaintance of mine read something I’d written about “a carefree day.” He looked up at me, frowning. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a carefree day…” With hindsight, I believe him. He was driven by some unseen demon of one sort or another. On another occasion I visited him on a […]

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An Alternate Reality & Other Fake Facts

by SteveHulse April 3, 2017

            Well, it’s been a weird month, probably the first of many. I used to know what was going on in this country. I no longer have any clue. I don’t trust the network news, there’s no consistent credibility in social media and I feel we’ve finally stumbled into an […]

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From My North Sound Hideaway

by SteveHulse January 18, 2017

Am writing this to you from the good ship Aimless today.  Nothing to do, really, so I’ll pen a few thoughts and feelings and put them out there for your consideration. There’s fresh fish in the ice chest, bread, cheese, coffee and tea… and some smoked meat I got down on Whidbey last week. Plenty […]

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Of Christmas Spirit Past

by SteveHulse December 19, 2016

I used to get it every December… in spades! That warm, wonderful felling that comes over you, that all is right and beautiful with the world, and you are exactly where you’re supposed to be in this moment in time. Feelings of love for the beauty of the earth, for others, for this life… they […]

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On Thomas Paine

by SteveHulse November 15, 2016

“Time makes more converts than reason.” Another day, drifting in the North Sound on The Aimless. Woke up this morning, climbed into my clothes and started the fire in the little stove to run the chill off. I had been dreaming about Tom Paine, and the smell of the fresh coffee somehow got me to […]

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It’s Not My Montana Anymore

by SteveHulse September 29, 2016

I’ve just finished spending two months with my lady, B, in the place that has always held my heart… Montana. The state where I grew up, the state where I learned the life lessons that would sustain me… the state that waited for me to pursue my career, and welcomed me home when the career […]

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Continuing On…

by SteveHulse July 20, 2016

So. Sharon was married. And not to me. Guess I had somehow always thought that we’d end up together. Suddenly I found myself staring at a summer of Forest Service drudgery, with no girlfriend, probably no chance of finding one… my life was pretty much over. There are very few things that are more pathetic […]

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That Lost Summer

by SteveHulse July 9, 2016

The other day I read about a woman who was driving along, listening to the radio and heard an old song that was popular back in her high school days. It hit her so hard, emotionally, that she had to pull over for a few minutes. I can relate. My long-term memory is fairly clear, […]

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Who Are We… Really??

by SteveHulse June 11, 2016

Who Are We… Really?? Ever wonder how your life would’ve worked out if you’d been able to become the person you wanted to be when you were young? I’m guessing that only a few of us were actually able to live our dream, and just so you know, I’m not one of them. Many of […]

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The Good Ship “Aimless”

by SteveHulse May 14, 2016
The SV Ambition

Today’s meanderings come to you from the good ship Aimless. That’s Aimless, up there on the header. I know, I know… why would some fool name a perfectly good craft “Aimless?” Good question. Because the owner/captain of said “ship” was well aware of her eventual destinations when he had her built. The intention for this […]

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