The Magic In The Moment

by SteveHulse December 10, 2017

We’ve all had them, those special moments, when there is momentarily more clarity, more awareness of who and where we are, and, perhaps, why. Often we’re in a new and different place, which might trigger long dormant synapses that that sparkle and connect in a way that is unique to each of us. I have […]

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A New Perspective

by SteveHulse November 17, 2017

Very happy to be back on the North Sound on the SV Aimless, my safe haven from all the madness below. We just finished an excellent trip to Europe, eye-opening and perception-expanding, as always. The water and the air here are so refreshing, it feels like pounds of humanity dust are falling off me, making […]

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It’s Always The People… Always!

by SteveHulse October 31, 2017

Traveling abroad is usually comprised of different scenery, different cultures and different people. This time we enjoyed the historical elegance of Vienna, the grandeur of Lake Como, the beauty of the Croatian coast, the soft, rolling hills of Tuscany, the energy of Florence… yet the thing that always endures the strongest in our memories is […]

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Questions In The Tuscan Sun

by SteveHulse October 15, 2017

When all seems perfection –             Okay. So lying here on a lounge chair by the pool at Villa Buonasera, the midday Tuscan sun glowing down upon us, spreading warmth and good energy across the villa and the vineyards behind us. A slight breeze adds to what I feel is […]

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Weekend at Lake Como

by SteveHulse October 6, 2017

It’s funny… the weakest link in our four-stop trip turned out to be a beautiful experience, on several levels. I wanted to see Lake Como. B has been here before, and wasn’t particularly impressed with it. But she was willing to indulge me and with considerable effort on her part, we found ourselves in Como […]

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Reflections On Vienna

by SteveHulse October 2, 2017

(This is Betty’s and my first stop of four. We intend to visit Rovinj Croatia, Lake Como Italy and our favorite, Villa Buonasera, in Tuscany after seeing Vienna.)             Vienna! As the old saying goes, you have to be here to understand it and its wild, colorful history. I don’t […]

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Remembering John Abercrombie

by SteveHulse August 29, 2017

His nickname back then, ’65 – ’70, was Crumbles. Why, I have no idea. At Berklee, he was already a brilliant player. He was a quiet, low-visibility guy that few of us knew. After my Berklee years, I got a job as an arranger at a studio west of Boston… in Maynard. In the process, […]

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Fanning The Flickering Flame

by SteveHulse August 24, 2017

Taking an occasional sabbatical cruise through the North Sound on my trusty Aimless is always enlightening. I never have an agenda, save to get out there and take my place with the rest of the natural world for a bit. It’s always good, always different, always refreshing. The real world, I said “the real world” […]

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And now, for something different…

by SteveHulse July 23, 2017

I didn’t see it coming. For 37 years my “cabin” was home to me, where my home and heart would always be. I had helped design it, had it built by a good friend, paid for it, mortgaged it twice, spent holidays, summers and Christmases in it. I’d gotten married in it. After the divorce […]

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Cruising the North Sound

by SteveHulse May 21, 2017

            Have been sailing for the last few days on the RSV Ambivalent. (Not really… the raft is still the Aimless, it’s the captain who’s ambivalent…) The weather’s been good, but I have mixed feelings about it. The fishing has been slow, and I suddenly started missing TV for some […]

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